Apostolate of Spiritual Motherhood for the Sanctification of Priests 
in the Archdiocese of St. Louis


Pray for our diocesan priests by name on your Rosary Hail Mary beads.
Click on the links below to get your printable priest list for the week. 
(Note: 40 names are usually provided. In the 5th decade, we dedicate each Hail Mary to a particular intention for priests.) 

August 11, 2019  
 Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                         Weekly Priest List 8-8-19.pdf

O Lord, may our priests always trust in God and not in worldly leaders.

August 4, 2019  
 Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                            Weekly Priest List 8-1-19.pdf

 With Mary as the model of humility,

 may our priests teach us to turn away from the vanities of this world.

July 28, 2019  
 Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                          Weekly Priest List 7-25-19.pdf  

 Have mercy on all Your priests, Lord, and wash them in the blood of the Lamb.

July 21, 2019  
 Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                              Weekly Priest List 7-18-19.pdf

Jesus, lover of the little and the poor, give all priests Thy spirit of charity.