Pray for our diocesan priests by name on your Rosary Hail Mary beads.
Click on the links below to get your printable priest list for the week. 
(Note: 40 names are usually provided. In the 5th decade, dedicate each Hail Mary to a particular intention for priests.) 

February 18, 2018  First Sunday of Lent                                                                  Weekly Prayers 2-15-18.pdf

Jesus, Savior, we pray for the grace to repent from sin 

and believe in your mercy that washes us clean. 

February 11, 2018  Sixth Sunday in Ordinary                                                            Weekly Prayers 2-8-18.pdf

Let us humbly go to Jesus, beg Him to cleanse us in the depths of our souls 

and reconcile us to Him and each other. 

February 4, 2018 
 Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                    Weekly Prayers 2-1-18.pdf

 In the midst of life’s darkness and trials,

 help us arise and go with you, Jesus, to the deserted place to pray.  

Jan. 25 , 2018  - Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                       Weekly Prayers 1-25-18.pdf

Lord, may our priests be holy in body and in spirit; 

anxious to please You, teaching with authority the words you have given them.