Apostolate of Spiritual Motherhood for the Sanctification of Priests 
in the Archdiocese of St. Louis


Pray for our diocesan priests by name on your Rosary Hail Mary beads.
Click on the links below to get your printable priest list for the week. 
(Note: 40 names are usually provided. In the 5th decade, we dedicate each Hail Mary to a particular intention for priests.) 

April 142019  
 Palm Sunday of the Lord's Passion                                             Weekly Prayers 4-11-19.pdf     

 O Lord, bless Your priests with joy

 when they suffer persecution for Your sake

April 7, 2019  
 Fifth Sunday of Lent                                                                     Weekly Prayers 4-04-19.pdf

O Lord, may your priests be the vessels of your mercy.

March 31, 2019  
 Fourth Sunday of Lent                                                              Weekly Prayers 3-28-19.pdf

 O Lord, may your priests who have become lost

 find new life in your mercy.

March 24, 2019  
 Third Sunday of Lent                                                                 Weekly Prayers 3-21-19.pdf

O Lord, may Your priests always remember

 that You have called them to stand on holy ground.