First Glorious Mystery

At times priest may suffer from depression and despair when they see so little fruit from their labors. We pray that all priest will remember that the darkness of the Crucifixion is followed by the light of the Resurrection. May all priests share the joy of the risen Christ.

Second Glorious Mystery

We pray for all priests in purgatory, that they may ascend with Christ to the glory of the Beatific Vision. We pray that those who toil on earth work faithfully until Christ comes again. May those priests that have lost their faith and trust in Jesus regain it with joy and abandonment.

Third Glorious Mystery
Descent of the Holy Spirit

We pray that priests may be open to the graces of the Holy Spirit; that they be strengthened for the task of bringing souls to God. We pray that they may be on fire to convert even the most hardened sinners and to bring God’s love to the whole world. May they preach courageously and convincingly the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Fourth Glorious Mystery
Assumption of Mary

We pray that priests will grow in holiness through fervent prayer and penance, so that they may become a resounding witness to Christ and His Gospel, as stewards of the mysteries of God. We pray that all priests will have peaceful and holy deaths, and join the Church triumphant in heaven.

Fifth Glorious Mystery
Coronation of Mary

We pray that Mary, Queen of the Clergy will be for all priests a model of faith and joy, and a constant guide on their journey to heaven, where a crown bejeweled with the many souls they have brought to salvation since their ordination, will be there reward for faithful service.

Stained glass images of St. Joseph's Chapel at Kenrick-Glennon Seminary copyright Jeff Geerling,
Other images from St. Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis MO

Text with permission of the Ave Maria Centre for Peace

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