First Luminous Mystery

Baptism of Jesus

We pray that God will pour forth the Holy Spirit abundantly upon our priests so that they may always be beloved sons in whom the father is well pleased. We pray that all priests realize their spiritual fatherhood as instruments of divine mercy especially as assiduous confessors in the sacrament of reconciliation.

Second Luminous mystery
Wedding at Cana

We pray that priests will be devoted to Mary, the mother of all priests, whose powerful intercession is the surest protection against Satan and his cohorts, who seek the ruin of priestly souls and the priesthood. We pray that priests may find in her the perfect model of their existence.

Third Luminous Mystery
Proclamation of the Kingdom of God

We pray that priests may carry out Jesus's instruction to evangelize the whole world, instructing and converting countless souls. We pray that missionaries, by their lives of utter poverty and deprivation, may bring the gospel to all peoples. May God grant them the zeal necessary for this arduous task.

Fourth Luminous Mystery

We pray for the priests that have strayed from their primary ministry of caring for the salvation of souls. May they resist worldly temptations and attachments that distract them from the mission Christ intended for them, so that their souls will radiate like the sun before the people they serve.

Fifth Luminous Mystery

Institution of the Holy Eucharist

We pray in thanksgiving to God for all priests who daily, through the celebration of Holy Mass, bring us the Body and Blood of Christ. Without them we would not have Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. May their example of reverence inspire in the faithful a greater faith, love and respect for the Eucharistic Lord.

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